Course Aim

    The course is designed for operational air traffic controllers and other ATM personnel with fundamental knowledge on Performance Based Navigation.

Course Objectives

    After completing the Performance Based Navigation course, the participants will:

    • Understand the concept of Performance Based Navigation and its major impact on navigational capabilities and airspace management.

Course Overview

    The Performance Based Navigation course is to be conducted as a stand-alone module. The acquisition of necessary skills is achieved through a combination of theory training, practical examples, and exercises.

    The course is delivered over a 3 days period.


    • The concept of PBN according to the ICAO PBN manual (ICAO Doc 9613 Edition 4)
    • Different navigation specifications
    • The difference between RNAV and RNP
    • The concept of GNSS, navigation satellite constellations, signal structures, system errors, augmentation, limitations and vulnerabilities (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo)
    • How PBN is changing airspace management
    • Criteria for PBN in TMA including how it is applied for SIDs/STARs
    • Criteria for PBN in the approach phase