Course Aim

    The course is designed to provide the participants with a comprehensive introduction to Air Traffic Services in general and to develop specific theoretical skills in Air Traffic Services procedures and techniques required as essential base knowledge prior to rating training.

Course Objectives

    After completion of the course, the course participants will have:

    • Knowledge and understanding in accordance with the topics and sub-topics detailed in ICAO Annex 1
    • Knowledge of the Tower, Approach and Area Control environments
    • Knowledge and understanding of the importance of teamwork and the significance of human factors within the ATC environment.

    Course Overview


      A number of the course's theoretical components are similar to the requirements for pilot training because of the close inter relationship within the aviation environment.

      During the course students will learn: Aviation Law, Rules of the Air, Air Traffic Management, Principles of Flight, Aircraft Equipment and Systems, ATM Equipment and systems, Communication, Human Factors, Meteorology and Navigation.


      Proficient in English language

      Objectives in brief

      • Theory

        • Navigation
        • Meteorology
        • Rules of the Air
        • Human factors
        • Equipment and systems
        • Airspace management
        • Airspace users
        • ATC Licensing
        • International organizations
        • Alerting service

      • Operational Familiarization

        • Tower familiarization
        • Area Control Surveillance familiarization
        • Approach Control Surveillance familiarization
        • Appreciate the co-operation between Tower and Approach units
        • Appreciate the co-operation between Area and Approach units
        • Study visit to a control tower and/or area control centre.