Course Aim

    The course is designed to impart knowledge, skills and attitudes to student air traffic controllers in order to enable them to receive a student certificate of competency for ICAO Aerodrome Control Instrument rating with Tower.

Course Objectives

    After completion of the Aerodrome Control course, the ATC student has:

    • The skills to perform safely and according to rules and regulations, providing orderly and expeditious aerodrome control service in an aerodrome environment
    • The necessary skills to work in a team.

Course Overview


    Theoretical events are followed by practical applications in a classroom and in a simulator. The theoretical part of the Aerodrome Control course consists of new subjects as well as reviews and enhancements of subjects from the ICAO 051 course related to aerodrome control services such as meteorology, navigation, aircraft and aerodromes.

    Simulator training

    The simulator training consists of 20 evaluated individual exercises. The airspace/aerodrome is generic and simulates traffic in an aerodrome environment, with one active airport and single runway operations.


    • Proficient in English language
    • Approved results from Primary ATC Course ICAO 051 at Malaysia Aviation Academy or another training facility.

    Content in Brief

    The Aerodrome Control course consists of theory and simulation exercises where students will be trained on:

    • Missed approaches
    • Managing IFR and VFR traffic on the ground and in the aerodrome circuit
    • Coordination between air and ground units
    • Handling emergencies and abnormal situations