Course Aim

    The course is designed to impart knowledge and skills to students that are necessary for them to receive a student air traffic controller license for an Area Control Non Radar rating.

Course Objectives

    After completion of the course, the participant will have the basic knowledge, skills and understanding to manage traffic safely and according to the rules and regulations of Document 4444, in an area control non radar environment.

Course Overview

    The course focuses on specific tasks, separation standards and methods used in a procedural environment. This will be taught in theoretical class and practical exercises in a procedural simulator. The training is conducted in a generic airspace suitable for this type of air traffic control.


    Approved results from the Primary ATC course and taken at Malaysia Aviation Academy or other recognised training facility.


    The Area Control Course consists of theory and simulation exercises where students will be trained on:

    • Understanding of the responsibility and functions of Area Control Unit
    • Understanding on the local airspace and its regulations
    • Strip management and ATC Clearances
    • Handling emergencies and abnormal situations