Course Aim

    The course is designed to impart knowledge and skills to participants which is necessary for them to receive an air traffic controller license for an Approach Radar Control rating.

Course Objectives

    After completion of the course, the ATC participants:

    • Has knowledge, skills and understanding in accordance with the training objectives
    • Has the skills to manage traffic safely and in accordance with the rules and regulations
    • Is able to provide an orderly and expeditious radar service in an approach and terminal control area with a workload of up to 15 aircraft per session
    • Shows a good ability to work in a team

Course Overview

    The training is divided into two phases. Theoretical events will be followed by practical applications in a simulator.


    Approved results from the Basic ATC course taken at Malaysia Aviation Academy or other recognised training facility.


    • Individual radar exercises

      • Describe rules and methods for radar vectoring, sequencing, separations, phraseology and coordinations used in an approach services
      • Describe rules and methods for change of runway
      • Describe different approach methods e.g. ILS, NDB, SRE, VA
      • Describe rules and methods using only primary radar
      • Describe rules and methods for holding procedures
      • Describe rules and methods for handling of transponder failure, communication failure, ACAS, special weather phenomena, LVP, etc.
      • Apply methods and handle arriving, departing and overflying traffic in a correct, safe and orderly way
      • Show understanding for methods used when handling a variety of special occurrences
      • Describe rules and methods for traffic with priority needs
      • Apply correct methods for the sequencing of traffic