Course Aim

    The course is designed to impart knowledge and skills to experienced air traffic controllers in order to prepare them for their role as operational ATC supervisors.

Course Objectives

    After completing the course, the participants have:

    • knowledge, skills and understanding in accordance with the training objectives
    • the ability to manage the role as the operational ATC supervisor

Course Overview

    The course duration is five days and consist of group exercises, discussions and role-plays.

    Target population:

    • Senior Air Traffic Controller who has the required level of experience and have shown the potential to become ATS Shift Supervisor
    • Have been newly appointed to the role of shift supervisor


    The course provides the participants with knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • The role of Watch Manager
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict management
  • Stress management
  • Motivation and encouragement
  • Change management