Course Aim

    The aim of the course is to provide the participants with SAR coordination concepts and procedures so as to enable them to be designated for roles in SAR operation in your respective Rescue Coordination Centres.

    Who should attend:

    • Air Traffic Controller, personnel from airport or maritime authorities, military units, other government agencies responsible for SAR operation

Course Objectives

    After completing the course, the participants shall be able to:

    • Calculate the search area accurately using given worksheets
    • Deploy Search and Rescue units to the search areas
    • Monitor Search and Rescue progress
    • Review the Search and Rescue operations performance
    • Demonstrate appropriate actions during the search operation
    • Evaluate the Search and Rescue operations

Course Overview

    The Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator’s course duration is seven weeks. The course comprises lectures, group discussions, simulated scenario cases and visits to various Search and Rescue facilities and the supporting agencies that involve in Search and Rescue mission.

    Content in Brief

    • Search and Rescue Organization
    • Navigation
    • Search and Rescue Meteorology
    • Alerting Service
    • Search Procedures
    • Supply and Equipment
    • Communication Procedure
    • Rescue of Survivors