Frequently Asked Question

I want to be an air traffic controller. Can I apply directly to Malaysia Aviation Academy?
It is not possible to apply for ATC training directly to Malaysia Aviation Academy. You should check your Air Navigation Service Providers requirements and send an application accordingly. The Air Navigation Service Providers does the initial selection and training for their students. Air Navigation Service Providers also decide where to train the students and what courses they should receive.
How much does the training cost?
It is best to check with your Air Navigation Service Provider. Besides, Malaysia Aviation Academy does not accept private students.
What languages are required for training to be an air traffic controller?
All of our training is provided in English.
Does Malaysia Aviation Academy offer online courses?
All Malaysia Aviation Academy courses are conducted at Malaysia Aviation Academy’s premises.
Are there any courses for non-aviation personnel wishing to enter the aviation industry?
Malaysia Aviation Academy offers a wide range of operational and management courses that is geared towards working professionals in the aviation industry. However, we also have selected courses which are cross-industries or provide great exposure to non-aviation personnel wishing to enter the aviation industry. The course outline contains the target audience most suitable for the course.
Does Malaysia Aviation Academy offer flight operation related training?
No, we do not offer. You may wish to approach pilot training schools or flying college for such training.